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We Solve Your Space Problems

Your housing requirements may grow at some point because of various reasons: a growing family, need to work from home, or the permanent addition to your home. Suddenly the place you’re living in may not provide you with enough comfort, and you realize you require a bigger space.

Although moving to a larger house is the first thing you’ll consider in such situations, you can’t always make that decision instantly. For instance, you may not afford a bigger house, or you just don’t want to leave because you love the neighborhood and the location. Why don’t you go for a home addition?

A2Z remodeling offers a complete home addition solution throughout Oklahoma. We can help you add a room, expand the kitchen, add an in-law suite, or make any other type of home addition. As an Oklahoma-owned and operated construction company, we can suggest the best home addition solution.

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The Cost Of Home Additions

The average house addition in Oklahoma costs between $80 and $200 per square foot, depending on your requirements. So if you’re planning to build a 20X20 home addition, you may need to invest somewhere between $32,000 and $80,000. Building up is generally cheaper than building out. However, the cost is not linear, meaning you may have to pay less per square foot for more extensive additions. The price can even go up if you’re willing to invest in premium finishing.

Is A Home Addition A Good Investment?

A home addition can be an excellent investment if done wisely. According to surveys, home additions can provide you with a 75% to 122% return on your investment.

What Should I Expect From The Builders During A Home Addition?

Excellent building partners participate in your construction from the consultation phase to the completion. They first understand your requirements and suggest the best solution to your problem while guiding you through the permits and compliance. Then they construct your home addition on time with work quality and material warranties.

Your Reliable Home Addition Partners In Oklahoma

Though home addition is a comparatively economical solution for your space issues, you’ll still be investing a significant amount of money for it. Therefore, you need a reliable home addition partner to ensure you have a great addition to your demand and on time. From the beginning, A2Z remodeling has been providing practical and durable home additions for households across Oklahoma.

Whatever your budget is, you deserve the best-in-class addition. Therefore, our experienced building experts offer outstanding quality work and efficient solutions for all budget ranges. So whether you are building an economical home addition or you want to go for a premium new space, we make sure you get the best home addition in your class.

Sounds exciting? Contact us today at (405) 443-5642 to discuss your home addition project in Oklahoma.

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